New Entries 13th January 2008

by MV

Of this week’s physical releases, Basshunter‘s Now You’re Gone was the big hit of the week, jumping from 14 on Downloads to the number 1 spot, finally dethroning X-Factor bloke Leon. This has a injected a bit more of a party mood to the top ten, especially with Britney’s Piece of Me shooting up to number 2.

The only other physical release to dent the 40 was British Sea Power‘s excellent Single of the Week, Waving Flags, which enters at a respectable 31.

Unless my release schedule is wrong, the Hoosiers‘ Worst Case Scenario has entirely missed the Top 75. Not to worry though, chaps, as Goodbye Mr A is still going strong in the top 20.

Bodyrox & Luciana limp in at 54, perhaps due to the fact that they already enjoyed chart success in 2007 with the same song, and this is, in fact, a bit of a cash-in rerelease. Which I missed. Whoops.

Advert exposure and heavy radio rotation haven’t done the Maccabees much good, as Toothpaste Kisses proves a bit too twee for the general public and scrapes in a number 70.

Next week is bound to be dominated by smooth RnB, as both Lupe Fiasco (at number 7) and Kanye West (14) have scored massive hits on downloads alone. Also bubbling under prior to their physical releases are Robyn at 23, and the Wombats at 37. Lots of doubling as usual in these download-dominated times. Thankfully we no longer have three Mika songs in the 40, but Sugababes offer novelty value by occupying number 21 and number 22.