New Entries 27th January 2008

by MV

Surprisingly, Basshunter have managed to hold off the Adele machine for a third week at the top. Miss 2008™ remains at 2, and there’s little movement elsewhere in the chart.

Kelly Rowland is the big mover, with Work up to 7 on downloads alone, and the tedious Jay Sean ambles in at 11, the highest new entry on physical release.

There’s a fair bit of download-only R’n’B action going on, with newcomer David Jordan and not-newcomer Mary J. Blige both inside the top 30. Michael Jackson’s ‘I really need the cash’ collaboration with Will.I.Am is lingering just outside the top 40.

The only other new physical release to puncture the 40 is Bullet For My Valentine’s enjoyably daft Scream Aim Fire at 34.

A particularly worrying incident in the lower reaches: Nickelback’s current stint near the top with the pretty awful Rock Star has led to a truly disturbing comeback. Yes, the really awful How You Remind Me returns at number 65. A joyful day for music, I’m sure you’ll agree.