New Entries 3rd February 2008

by MV

Another week, and the nation is still dancing to Basshunter, apparently. Adele continues to lurk menacingly at 2, with an unpleasant whiff of Nickelback still lingering in the top five.

Hot Chip score a deserved hit with ‘Ready For The Floor’ at 6, and One Night Only prove that the Great British Public do in fact seem to want a teenage Killers pastiche, at 9. Kelly Rowland’s up to 4 and David Jordan continues his inexorable rise, inside the top ten on downloads only.

The execrable Elliot Minor score their biggest hit to date with classico-emo atrocity ‘Still Figuring Out’ making the top twenty, while Mary J only manages 16 with ‘Just Fine.’ Hard-men Urbnri scrape into the top 40 with their latest.

Lots of download-only action in the chart this week, here’s the highlight:

Mark Brown’s advert-jingle thieving ‘The Journey Continues’ is at 24 already, probably largely due to the always-exquisite vocals of the lovely Miss Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne. Marvellous.

Kylie’s ‘Wow’ is at 22, and Adele makes it two in the top 40 with old single ‘Hometown Glory’ popping up at 32. Bubbling under, singles from Vampire Weekend and Paramore are inside the top 75 and likely to climb.