New Entries 10th February 2008

by MV

Another week of Basshunter/Nickelback/Adele lockout in the top three. I’m becoming increasingly certain that this is Not A Good Thing.

David Jordan only makes it up to five, despite the single having been around for weeks on download. Shock (/Horror) of the week is mum’s favourites Wet Wet Wet gatecrashing the top ten with the almost non-existant ‘Weightless.’ Mark Brown (and Sarah Cracknell) make it to 11, and the Feeling are at 12 a week before ‘I Thought It Was Over’ hits the shelves.

Despite canceled gigs and the single being a bit weak, Morrissey manages a commendable 15 with ‘That’s How People Grow Up’, but Goldfrapp make it to 18 on downloads alone with the sublime ‘A&E.’

Biffy Clyro prove my ‘fans only’ theory a bit wrong by piloting ‘Who’s Got a Match’ to an indie-impressive 27, but Wacko’s Will.I.Am collaboaration stalls at 32.

Just outside the top 40, French/Israeli newcomer Yael Naim makes an impact with the cutesy ‘New Soul,’ which since it doesn’t seem to have shown up on my release schedule probably deserves a video link:

A couple of misfiring indie re-releases from last week fail to get close to the 40, with Blood Red Shoes managing 64 and Iwasacubscout just 71.