New Releases 7th July 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: Those Dancing Days – Run Run
Inevitably, as the year goes on, I’m bound to keep giving Singles of the Week to bands I like that are producing more of the same great stuff. There are a lot of singles out this week, and a lot them are kind of OK. This one’s pretty good, so it wins. Previous single Hitten was so titled because it’s the Swedish for ‘The Hit’. Which is kind of appropriate, as this doesn’t really scale the same dizzy heights. However, it is still a great example of accomplished, mature pop music from a bunch of young ‘uns.

Because it’s the summer, and I’m feeling kind, I’ve decided to stick to reviewing songs I actually like. Or at least find interesting.  Away with the bad vibes! The rest of the week’s good/ok/interesting releases are available with a simple click below…

Portishead – The Rip (12”) [YouTube]
About as different from previous Third-cut Machine Gun as is possible. When you drag out words like ‘haunting’ in refeference to Portishead, you start suggesting that what you’re dealing with is some sort of Dummy-retread, but, aside from Beth’s voice, it has little in common with old Portishead, either. It’s great. Not really a strong single choice, but a beautiful track.

Born Ruffians – Hummingbird [YouTube]
I reviewed this back in March, and kinda liked it. It’s now coming around again, thanks to a prominent position in a current tv ad. It’s still pretty good, and worth another listen.

Cajun Dance Party – The Colourful Life [YouTube]
Slightly formulaic indie bunch, saved only by adding a touch of glamour to proceedings. Here mainly because the video is very pretty. It looks like what you’d see if you were driving at night while wearing heart-shaped contact lenses.

Christopher D Ashley – Sugar Coated Lies (12”) [YouTube]
London electro-ish bloke on Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label. Seedy, slightly alluring potential in there, but doesn’t quite go anywhere and ends up a little bit on the bland side.

Come On Gang! – Wheels [MySpace]
Edinburgh indie-pop types with a pleasantly tuneful little ditty. Doesn’t exactly fix itself in your mind, but shows plenty promise.

Displacements – Down & Out [YouTube]
Resolutely traditional, but quite catchy, guitar pop from Leicester four-piece.

Dizzee Rascal feat Calvin Harris & Chrome – Dance Wiv Me [YouTube]
Currently your Number One, of course. It’s OK, but a bit too much of Calvin’s input here, and not a patch on most of Dizzee’s stuff. Only average.

Hercules & Love Affair – You Belong [YouTube]
A bit too tasteful, not enough Antony, and not as good as ‘Blind.’ Alright though.

Innercity Pirates – Cockney Sparra [YouTube]
Better than its title would suggest, this is kind of a cute little thing. Stretches even my twee-tolerance though.

Junkie XL – Cities In Dust [YouTube – audio only]
Girl-fronted stomp-along electro floorfiller. Much better than that Elvis remix. Yeah!

Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Going Up The Country [YouTube]
Three girls, all under 18, making music that sounds like it was made about 70 years ago. Strange, but sort of good.

Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next To Me [YouTube]
More pleasant Scott Walkerisms from Alex Turner and The Other One. No tanks in this video though, just sixties love.

Metronomy – Holiday [YouTube]
More weirdness from the less pop version of Hot Chip. Better live than on record; diverting still.

N.E.R.D – Everybody Nose [YouTube]
Still not really back on top form, Pharrell’s clearly just messing around here. It’s fun though.

Sharleen Spiteri – All The Times I Cried [YouTube]
Trying to hitch a ride on Duffy’s coat-tails, and doing it pretty well. Certainly less offensive than most of Texas’s output.

thecocknbullkid – On My Own Again [YouTube]
…is Hackney one-woman band Anita Blay. This is quirky, subtle, interesting stuff. Doesn’t have quite the kick it needs, though.

Underworld – Ring Road [YouTube]
Seemingly Karl Hyde deciding he sort of wants to be The Streets. Not really very Underworld.