New Releases 28th July 2008

by MV

There are slow weeks and there are slow, slow, slow weeks…

Single of the Week: The Saturdays – If This Is Love

The Saturdays feature two ex-members of S Club Juniors/ S Club 8, and three other young ladies. The tone and styling of the video leaves you in no doubt as to which other 5-piece girl-band they’re attempting to emulate. It’s based entirely around a sample from an old Yazoo track, and the pre-chorus also sounds a bit familiar. But while Girls Aloud et al won’t be quaking in their boots yet, this is good, honest, dancefloor-friendly pop music like they used to make in the olden days. By my reckoning, we’re about due another decent girl group…

Some more really quite average singles if you click below…

Boogaloo Stu – Magnetic Heart [YouTube]
I toyed with giving this SOTW, but swiftly realised that I’d then be approving of the idea of calling oneself Boogaloo Stu and donning an hilarious pink quiff wig. The song is moderately good “glam”-electro silliness.

BWO – Lay Your Love On Me [YouTube]
Fantastically gay euro-pop, which seems to be part of this week’s theme. It’s sort of like Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ on poppers. Has video featuring kids with creepy adult faces and mild bondage, though not at the same time, thankfully. Rather good, actually.

The Cool Kids – 88 [YouTube]
Very Proper, Old-Skool hip-hop, which is all well and good, and it sounds decent, but it’s pretty trad stuff, hardly pushing any boundaries.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Midnight Man [YouTube]
Solid stuff from the man Cave, but nothing better. Works fine as an album track, but doesn’t have the same weird-pop bludgeoning brilliance as lead single Dig Lazarus Dig.

Pendulum – The Other Side [YouTube]
Back to barnstorming stadium-sort-of-DnB for people who don’t really like DnB, this time. Much better than the electro-rock rubbish of ‘Propane Nightmares’, but still a little confused and more than a little dated.

Pigeon Detectives – Everybody Wants Me [YouTube]
Did I tell you it was a slow week? I did. And do you see what it’s made me do? It’s made me include a Pigeon Detectives single in my round-up for this week. Obviously it’s not very good. But you should listen to some of the other rubbish I had to trawl through this week… it’s a shining beacon by comparison.

Thankfully next week’s looking much better…