New Releases 4th August 2008

by MV

Little Boots – Meddle
Victoria Hesketh is Little Boots. She used to be frontperson of stylish electro-rockers Dead Disco. She’s now gone solo, and is here to inject some much-needed fun into your Monday morning. ‘Meddle’ is a subtly sweet little slab of bedroom-electro vibrancy, measured yet mesmerising, and Totally Pop. Another great Little Boots track, ‘Stuck On Repeat’, produced by Hot Chip, is competing with the likes of Girls Aloud, Sugababes and Leona Lewis for the prestigious Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize. But for now, Meddle should be more than enough to keep you happy.

Here‘s Little Boots playing ‘Meddle’ in a bedroom, on a tenorion. What’s a tenorion? You WILL want a tenorion after watching this clip. Oh, and here’s her Myspace.

Other things that are a bit less fascinating than a tenorion can be found with a simple click below…

Late Of The Pier – Heartbeat [YouTube]
Running close in second place this week is another fine track from Notts-based nutters Late of the Pier. More conventional in structure than, say, The Bears Are Coming, but none the worse for it, with a dizzyingly infectious chorus that out-Klaxonses Klaxons. As the for the lyrics… ‘Pineapple pieces in brine, fucking around with your mind.’ We’ve all been there.

Napoleon – Send Me A Woman [MySpace]
More great stuff from Sweden, this time in the form of Dexys/Springsteen indebted soul-infused rock. Excellent.

The Shortwave Set – Now Til ’69 [YouTube]
South London traditionalists given a sparkly makeover by producer-du-jour Dangermouse return with their second great single of the year. Not quite as much fizz about it as No Social, but there’s an undeniable pop songwriting craft about their work that is elevated by the production’s welcome licks of modernising paint.

Poppy & The Jezebels – UFO [YouTube]
Indie-pop given an 80s proper-pop sheen from these Birmingham youngsters. Like a girl-fronted Psychadelic Furs with bit more pop. Promising.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening/Morning [YouTube]
Not the London curry takeaway, but rather a bunch of youngsters from the capital making music a little more mature than their tender years. It’s fairly standard chart-friendly guitar fare, but executed with a touch more subtly and verve than most of their more seasoned contemporaries.

Noah & The Whale – 5 Years Time [YouTube]
I like a nice cup of Twee as much as the next man. Quite a lot more, actually. But there’s something, once again, that’s almost pushing me over the edge in Noah & The Whale’s cutesy, friendly-to-the-lovely-animals, ukelele-brandishing, sun-worshipping sappiness. I say almost, because it’s also quite close to winning me over. I blame Laura Marling, apparently this year’s indie backing vox for hire, who pops up here again and adds a touch of loveliness.

Cascada – Because The Night [YouTube]
Quite predictably, this already ludicrously bombastic Springsteen-penned Patti Smith number works pretty well when given an uber-bosh makeover by stadium-cheese merchants Cascada. What’s to add?

Shout Out Louds – Impossible [YouTube]
Can’t quite figure this one out. It’s very, very long, and thus clearly bidding for some kind of ‘epic’ status. It’s hideously indebted to the Cure. But it has got a certain charm about it. It sits kind of inoffensively in the background, warming the air around you without really disturbing it. Strange, but not entirely unpleasant.

Das Pop – Underground [YouTube]
While Soulwax are off peddling their extremely tired DJ wares around a variety of expensive clubs and festivals across the globe, they’ve created their own early-period mini-me band in the shape of Das Pop. The Dewaele brothers’ production on this latest track by their compatriots does a fine job of replicating the sound of their own ‘Much Against Everyone’s Advice’ album. Which is not unpleasant, but not exactly breathtaking stuff. Nice synth-strings give it a bit of bounce, though.

The Futureheads – Walking Backwards [YouTube]
One of those rare cases in which a pretty decent song is actually undermined by a well-meaning video. Puppets are involved, and it’s safe to say the resulting effect isn’t exactly up there with Pumping On Your Stereo or Keep Fishin’. The track itself is a prime slab of OTT Futureheads bluster. But the puppets do little more than confirm that the ‘heads are turning into a Supergrass-style band of journeymen. They’re in for the long haul, they’ll make a bunch of tracks you can hum and can’t hate, but you wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t there.