New Releases 18th August 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: The Faint – The Geeks Were Right
I was sorely tempted to simply not bother with a single of the week this week. The singles reviewed below are all competent but in some way lacking. The same can be said of this. The Faint have released some truly, truly great singles which deserved much more mainstream recognition. This isn’t one of them. The verse melody steals from the Killers’ ‘Somebody Told Me’, and overall it kind of plods along pretty aimlessly. But somehow, I’d still rather listen to this than any of the other tracks released this week. And it has a disturbing video. Oh well.

Let’s live in the past and remember how good they were instead via the medium of Old Videos: Worked Up So Sexual, Glass Danse, Agenda Suicide, Southern Belles in London Sing(Unofficial). There we go. Better now.

Cut Off Your Hands – Expectations
Itchy, twitchy, angular guitar stuff from these New Zealanders. The shoutalong chorus could almost belong to an 80s hardcore band. If you squinted a bit. With your ears. Aside from that, it’s fairly verse-chorus-verse, repetitive riffs, you know the score.

IAMX – President
Watching and listening to this brings to mind nothing so much as Mika fronting a downbeat Muse tribute band. Which is not what I expected of the new(ish) project from ex-Sneaker Pimp Chris Corner, if I’m honest. It’s pretty decent, though.

Magistrates – Make This Work
There’s something that stops this from being a great track. And I can’t work out what it is. I’m pretty sure it’s to do with those vocals. While certainly unique in the current climate, they’re evoking some horrible things in my mind. At best, it’s poor white soul. At worst, it’s Toploader. Which is a pity, because the intricate musical backing is pretty joyful.

Taio Cruz – She’s Like A Star
Musically pretty good, reminding me of a slightly less good version of Kanye’s excellent ‘Flashing Lights’, but as ever with this sort of thing, ruined for me by the strained, over-emoting vocals. Not awful by any means though.

Sandrine – Where Do We Go
This is cutesy, pretty, Feist-like stuff. But [geek alert] can someone please let me know if the first few lines’ melody and lyrics are deliberately lifted from this very similarly titled Buffy musical song? Because I’m finding it hard to think of anything else while listening to this. And now I’ve got the Buffy song stuck in my head. Damn you, Sandrine. Um.