New Releases 1st September 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: David Holmes – I Heard Wonders
Initially unassuming, reserved, delicate, this track creeps up on you over multiple plays to reveal a layered, hypnotic beast that builds up to the sort of euphoric explosions that Pulp used to specialise in. Indeed, you could mistake this for some sort of dream collaboration between Jarvis and Kevin Shields. It’s pretty special. And it’s nice to see that the Belfast producer has still got it, after several years off making soundtracks for films that begin with the word ‘Ocean.’

The video version is a bit shoddy, so head over to MySpace for a better listen. Play it loud.

The Bamboos feat Megan Washington – King Of The Rodeo
The Bamboos describe themselves as ‘Australia’s masters of raw, old school Funk breaks and super-heavy Soul.’ Don’t let that put you off though. This is a happy-inducing take on the Kings of Leon track, like a slightly cutesier cousin of Mark Ronson’s Valerie. As with that track though, it’s the vocal turn that steals the show, and you’d be safer looking out for more from Megan than from the Bamboos themselves…

Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Their most straightforwardly pop record yet, and it sounds more like Hot Chip than ever. This is not a bad thing. Needs a more energetic remix to really get it off the ground, though. In lieu of that, here‘s everyone’s favourite bedroom tenorion-queen Little Boots inserting a bit the Metronomy track into a cover of the song of the same name. Is that confusing enough?

Conor Oberst – Souled Out
Mr. Bright Eyes drops the pseudonym for his first solo record in, ooh, literally some years. The colourful video’s a lot more fun than the song, which while a little looser and lot less intense than the average Bright Eyes record, is not exactly a million miles away from their sound. It’s not bad, it’s not great either.

Slow Club – Come on Youth (from Let’s Fall Back In Love EP)
More twee than a barrel of bubblegum kittens, I’m blatantly a sucker for Slow Club. This is a (mis-labelled on YouTube by their record label, tsk) pretty if slight track from their excellent new EP. Quite why they didn’t make the glorious Summer Shakedown the lead track, though, I’ll never know.

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo
Actually pretty good, if traditional, house track from the ‘Call On Me’ guy. Sensibly, if surprisingly, resists the temptation to whack a load of bellowed vocals over the top of it, and keeps it pretty pure. A bit late for the summer, though.

Johnny Flynn – Brown Trout Blues
Pretty, if somewhat lethargic, indie-folk ditty, that almost strays into trad-country territory on occasion. Hardly our usual cup of tea round these parts, but quite charming.

Spiritualized – You Lie You Cheat
Another solid track from Jason Pierce, breaking free from the recent trend of ballads as singles to issue something a little bit more pleasingly deranged. Sounds a bit like it was recorded in a wind tunnel, but not in a bad way.

Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl
There something indefinably wrong about this, the follow-up to the easier-to-define wrongness of ‘Ur So Gay’ (seriously). To be honest, I’m going to sum up the baffling situation with a quote from the ever astute ‘personage2007’, a commenter on YouTube: ‘katy perry is fake lesbian that hats gay men’ (sic). The world has quite probably gone mad. The song? It’s OK, blustery late-90s-esque rocky-pop.