New Releases 8th September 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire
It’s probably about time something on Modular got my single of the week, given that they’ve produced a pretty solid stream of dark, melodic electro-rock gems this year. As is customary, the vocals evoke Depeche Mode without being a straight rip-off, and it’s backed by a downtempo yet uplifting kind of electronica that alternates between heavy synth stabs and moments of twinkly beauty. A token choice, perhaps, but a decent single to represent a noteworthy 2008 label.

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Sonny J – Can’t Stop Moving (Mirwais Remix)
Liverpool DJ Sonny J takes the Go! Team’s formula (old motown/ Jackson 5 – esque samples + vague touches of originality + general spirit of glee = very good music for dancing) and ramps up the mainstream appeal a little. Enlisting Mirwais, no stranger to excellent rejigs of classics himself, doesn’t radically alter the sound of the track, but is clearly a further step in the direction of the charts. Far less manic than previous Instant Hits single of the week, Enfant Terrible, but no less fun, this one should bring some much-needed cheer to these rainy late-summer days.

Of Montreal – Id Engager
A bit of a diversion from the manic experimental guitar-pop that normally defines Kevin Barnes & co, this is relatively straightforward stuff. Slightly indie-fied disco-pop, a bit like the Scissor Sisters. Except I don’t remember any of their songs ever mentioning ‘phallocentric tyranny’. But maybe I forgot.

Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Pepa & Spinderella
Can’t exactly figure out what the title has to do with the record, but this is pretty decent ‘tweecore’-esque stuff, meaning that it sounds kind of like Los Campesinos!, meaning in turn that it sounds like twee indiepop that’s been given a bit of a kick up the arse and occasionally features loud guitars and shouting. It’s good fun, in a calculated sort of way.

Flo Rida feat Will I Am – In The Ayer
There’s something about the presence of a Black Eyed Pea on a record (especially will.i) that seems to erase all sign of an artist’s usual po-faced earnestness. That’s definitely the case here. It’s a lot of fun as a result, if not the most thrilling thing on toast.

Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
By contrast, this is a whole lot of flapping around in the dark, wildly flailing in the vague direction of a tune. There’s a brief moment of interest around the three minute mark, but otherwise it doesn’t exactly stick in the mind.

Rosie & The Goldbug – Lover
File next to Ida Maria, in whatever category it is that’s home to the slightlier more energetic end of the female-fronted guitar band spectrum. Perfectly listenable, in an 80s sub-Blondie girl guitar band fashion.

Sigur Ros – Innni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur
Dropping the whale noises, for a change, on this outing the Ros (as nobody calls them) have opted for a kind of twee alien sound. It’s original, I’ll give them that, and pretty euphoric too.

The Coral – Being Somebody Else
With each single, the Coral seem to get noticeably more middle-aged. There’s nothing wrong with this delicate, almost Belle & Sebastian-esque acoustic strum, it’s just that its so laid-back it seems to be in danger of falling off the edge of the bed. Pipe and slippers, nice cup of tea, Coral. Safe.