New Releases 15th September 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: Tilly & The Wall – Beat Control
This is the most straightforwardly pop release yet from the tapdancer-powered Omaha gang. The multicoloured, playful video sums up the song perfectly. Wonderfully happy stuff, and pretty much what pop music means to me. Great.

Ladyhawke – Dusk Til’ Dawn
Another solid single from the best thing to come out of New Zealand in ever. Far from the highlight of her fantastic debut album, though. And that ‘bang bang bang’ stuff does get a bit annoying after a few listens.

Absentee – Boy, Did She Teach You Nothing
The return of everyone’s favourite (ahem) gruff-voiced twee-popsters. The apparent mismatch between vocals (whisky-drenched, in need of a good cough) and music (frolicksome, sugary indie-pop) remains the distinctive selling point.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Sun Ain’t Shining No More
Oddly-named Danes who are heavily indebted to the 60s. More charm than cheese puts them closer to Candie Payne than Duffy in what is becoming an increasingly crowded field.

Estelle – Pretty Please (Love Me)
More 60s love to be found here. A bit more classy, but a bit less likeable. Cee-Lo guests and sounds a bit strange. Hmm.

The Dodos – Fools
Californians with a vaguely psychadelic thing going on. Who’d’ve thought? Anyway, the urgency and chanted vocals recall the excellent Hidden Cameras. Which is always a good thing. Even if the end result is quite a lot less fun.

The Spinto Band – Summer Grof
Lead track from the Spintos’ second album proper, which still finds them sitting somewhere between Weezer and Pavement with a bit of added twee. Still very good stuff, but they’ve missed the “summer” (or at least the vague anticipation that it might occasionally be warm for a few hours), and there’s a bit of a case of the melody getting lost in the bluster.

White Denim – Shake Shake Shake
Music that sounds like it should be on an advert, and probably is. It’s simultaneously quite enjoyable and massively irritating. A bit too cool for their skinny jeans. White or otherwise.