New Releases 22nd September 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: Ladytron – Runaway
One of the slowest weeks of the year, which is good because it makes my catch-up job much easier. This is the immediate standout track from Ladytron’s immense grower of a fourth album, Velocifero. Imagine Portishead’s ‘Machine Gun’ if it had a heart. Poise, grandeur, precision, beauty, all wrapped up in an impressively stripey video. Yes.

Saint Etienne – Burnt Out Car (Xenomania Mix)
One of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite bands. Remixed by the best pop producers around, to celebrate an outstanding ‘best of’ collection. It should be perfection. Yet, strangely, it isn’t. It certainly doesn’t add anything to the original, and the jury’s still out as to whether it’s actually taken away some of the charm. Still streets ahead of most pop singles released in 2008 though, and criminally ignored by the radio.

Innerpartysystem – Die Tonight Live Forever
Certainly the best thing I’ve heard from a Kerrang!-endorsed band in a while, probably because it takes some cues from good dance music, and stays well away from barking aggression. Not a million miles away from the Cut Copys of this world, if I’m totally honest. Pretty good.

Sam Isaac – Sticker Star And Tape
A young singer-songwriter who skips the usual acknowledged classics and shamelessly acknowledges contemporaries such as the Spinto Band (see last week) and the Shout Out Louds as influences. The appropriation of their sound is pretty shameless too, but it makes for enjoyable, exuberant stuff.

White Lies – Death
Slighly glum Editors-esque stuff, on the surface, but with a bit of a slow build quality that suggests there might be a little bit more to this lot.

Yo Majesty – Club Action
Evidently indebted to old-skool 80s electro/hip-hop, this female-fronted trio still bring a bit of liveliness to the mix that’s generally missing these days.