New Releases 29th September 2008

by MV

Single of the Week: Roll Deep ft. Janee – Do Me Wrong
Ahhhh good, good, good. It’s a pop song with a great, infectuous female vocal that isn’t spoiled by bluster, over-emoting or unnecessary vocal gymnastics. Such a RELIEF. This is Wiley’s lot, obviously, but it’s Janee’s understated singing that steals the show. I’d dance to this. I’d look like your dad, but I’d be having fun. Marvellous.

Those Dancing Days – Home Sweet Home
A close-run week, as here’s another excellent grower of a single from my favourite teenage indie-popstrels. I think I’ve run out of superlatives for this lot. There’s an almost impossibly charming breathlessness about the chorus here. And they interview brilliantly.

Boyzone – Love You Anyway
What’s this doing here? A massive great hunk of mild cheddar, shamelessly taking exactly the same approach to their comeback as Take That did. Look though, it’s Ronan Keating, and the cutesy one, and him off of Corrie, and… well, mainly Ronan Keating, to be honest. And the song’s actually quite good, in a broadway sort of way. Although I’ve just envisaged it’s eventual use on an advert for bread, or loo roll, or whatever. It will happen.

Pink – So What
This is evidently the week they’ve been saving up all the good mainstream pop for, then. Even if Pink seems to be channeling Fat Les during the verse, this is another good song. Especially that synth in the chorus. Yeah.

The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed
Oh, you’re so perceptive, Mike! This is basically a soppier take on ‘Empty Cans’, with added so-called social commentary. It’s not awful, but just listen to the majestic original instead.

Crystal Castles – Crimewave
As usual, sounds like it was recorded on an underwater Game Boy. There’s a fine line between dark/”deep”/quirky and just a bit aimless/meandering/tuneless. This one sits a bit too close to the latter category. Shame, as they can be quite engaging.

Sara Bareilles – Bottle It Up
I’m actually frightened by the fact that I quite like this slice of schmaltz. Where is my music taste heading? Wikipedia suggests that Ms. Bareilles has supported: Maroon 5, Paulo Nutini, James BLUNT, COUNTING CROWS, I could go on. She’s like the ringmaster of the musical AXIS OF FUCKING EVIL or something. There are worrying times ahead…