New Releases November/early December 2008 – a biiiig catch-up

by MV

1. I’ve been slack again
2. So here’s November and December so far in handy catch-up form
3. Obviously I want to get on to important things like
4. Writing long lists of my favourite singles of the year
5. And writing about the La Roux single, which is out next week
6. Also possibly combining 4 and 5
7. Enjoy

3rd November

Single of the Week: Filthy Dukes – Tupac Robot Club Rock
Just because… some of the singles this week are fun, some have the tunes, and some sound pretty 2008. This one does all three. Daft electro-rock with added silliness courtesy of wacky rappers Plastic Little. The title about sums it up. Great stuff.

Also good…
VV Brown – Crying Blood (It may be, to all intents and purposes, the Monster Mash, but that’s not to say it’s not fun…)
She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (Lovely cutesy country-ish stuff from Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward)
Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Yet to be convinced by this autotune business, but it’s OK)
Leona Lewis – Forgive Me
Red Light Company – Scheme Eugene (I’d written these off as no-hope no-tune indie-rockers, but this has a Polyphonic Spree-esque chorus and is generally a bit good)

10th November

Single of the Week: Friendly Fires – Paris

OK, OK, I know it’s been around forever and a day (or a year, or two). But that chorus is still pretty damn spectacular, isn’t it? Let’s forget the rent-a-trend verses, they’ll do, you can dance to them. CHORUS. Wow. Still. Yes.

Emmy The Great – We Almost Had A Baby
Fujiya & Miyagi – Pickpocket (Less maddening than that Knickerbocker glory song)
Manda Rin – Guilty Pleasure (Her out of Bis, who got less interesting when she learned to sing properly. This is quite fun, in a crap offcut from ‘Social Dancing’ sort of way..)

17th November

Single of the Week: The Killers – Human

It’s no ‘When You Were Young’, granted. But it’s grand, silly, and ambitious pop music. Ambitious in the ‘we want to be bloody massive’ sort of way, obviously, rather than the ‘we want to do something vaguely interesting’ way. Not good on its own. But with a tune this great, then hey, yes, I’ll take it. Look, I’ve placed it above a single with Robyn on it, it must be good. Why is it good? Because if we’re going to have stadium-filling monstrosities, then they might as well (a) have appropriate videos with deserts and tigers and stuff (b) have stupid lyrics that annoy everyone and (c) write big synthy hooky tunes. OK?

Christian Falk feat Robyn – Dream On (I also love this song, lots, even if the video is a bit wrong. WHY MUST I CHOOSE?)
Asobi Seksu – Me & Mary (TRULY, an embarrassent of lovely dreamy riches this week. I’m being spoiled.)
The Airborne Toxic Event – Gasoline (This sounds a bit like a less po-faced Two Gallants. Good thing.)
Howling Bells – Into The Chaos (Even though it rips off Coldplay quite a lot – NB crappy live video)

24th November

Single of the Week: Frankmusik – 3 Little Words

…and highly likely to feature in my top ten this year. I’d like to challenge people to play me anything with more sheer JOY per second than this little beauty. I made ‘In Step’ single of the week back in… an earlier month (my research is top notch). That’s about the only song that comes close. Almost perfect.

Britney Spears – Womanizer (Would sound better if produced by Frankmusik)
The Kills – Tape Song (Good, but maybe it should be.. fast.. like Frankmusik)
Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part (Nice piano, but it’s no ‘3 Little Words’)
Same Difference – We R One (This should be in a musical! Maybe Frankmusik could direct?!)
Solange – Sandcastle Disco (Nice, but a bit retro. Needs more shrieking and poppers. Like Frankmusik.)
T.I. feat Rihanna – Live Your Life (This is almost as good as Frankmusik, but the O-Zone sample is out of place. Nicely preposterous though.)

1st December

Single of the Week – Dan Black – Yours

Largely a pretty rubbish week for singles, with a couple of average ones standing out. This is quite bouncy and good, but also a bit whiny chorus-wise and grates a bit. It’s better than most of the other pre-xmas piffle, though. Just.

Wiley feat Daniel Merriweather – Cash In My Pocket (Timely, and highly amusing, video. For my money, better than the overhyped ‘Wearing My Rolex’, too.)
The BPA feat Emmy The Great – Seattle (More Norman Cook back on form action, but not a patch on that one about Toes with David Byrne and Dizzee.)
Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Much less annoying than previous releases and dangerously close to being very good. Moshi Moshi know what they’re doing.)

8th December

Single of the Week: Ladyhawke – My Delirium

Fourth excellent eighties-tastic single from an album that could produce ten of the buggers. I’ve actually run out of things to say about the lovely Pip, so just click on the video. Next week there’s a new lady in town who may well be better. I’m so fickle. But god I love the Ladyhawke album… amen.

Alessi’s Ark – The Horse (Pretty, and cutesy. Almost too cutesy. Even for me, yes.)
Estelle – Come Over (I don’t much like Sean Paul, but the Estelle bits are great.)
Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Barking as ever, yay)
Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody (Oh, come on, this is pretty good stadium-bluster isn’t it? It’s no ‘Human’, I know, but still…)