The Bird, the Bee, the (Rex the) Dog, and Other Animals

by MV

The Bird and the Bee

SO. Back again. Some good new videos this week, as you’ll see if you click below. Fun stuff from Rex the Dog, Brakes, and Sean Paul (yes.) Also some nonvid type links to things by Max Tundra and the BPA. Excellent. I’ve yet to get excited enough by the new Franz Ferdinand to write about it. The new Girls Aloud is boring and the new Jamie T is a bit bloody noisy. Good stuff follows, though:

Track of the Week: The Bird and the Bee – Love Letter To Japan
In fairness, most of the wondrous Bird and the Bee’s music can be effectively summed up by the title of (brilliant) previous single Polite Dance Song. But polite and pretty can be pop (just ask Saint Etienne.) So once again we have the lush vocals Inara George, always nothing less than perfect. But the real reason TBATB are pop is the presence of Greg Kurstin. Here’s Popjustice’s explanation of why Greg is ace, but in short he’s worked with everyone from Peaches to Lily Allen, Britney to Ladyhawke, so basically anyone good. He’s also currently working on the Little Boots album. So yes. That not enough for you? OK then, go and listen to Again and Again. Mmm.

Rex the Dog – Bubblicious
It’s yet another song sampling Yazoo! (Skip to around 1:39 for the vocal in question.) Anyway, much more convincingly than the Saturdays last year, this one pushes ALL the right buttons. For those who don’t know Stuff, Rex used to be known as JX, and on this track it kind of shows. Anyway, it’s one of those songs that isn’t remotely new, but has been granted a video and a release date. And the video is absolute genius. It features cute dogs made out of cardboard. Awesome.

Max Tundra – Which Song
Max, or Ben, as his mum apparently called him, has been shuffling around for years now, making weird electro noises with pop melodies hidden somewhere beneath the surface. This one’s a bit more blatant, and seems to fit in nicely with the current “sound” type thing. Give the man a hit!

Brakes – Hey Hey
It’s a cartwheel day! Check out Eamon’s bizarre noise at 1:35 for proof! And, and, there’s a donut, and it all looks a bit crap, and sounds almost as bad (in a good way), and then the donut gets BIG. And then it’s over. Guitar bands CAN have fun too. See?

Seal Paul ft. Eve – Give it to You
Much as I do (believe it or not) like Eve, I don’t (in fact) usually approve of Sean Paul, but there’s still something about this one that’s definitely a bit of a winner. I think it’s because it makes me want to DANCE. You should be thankful I’m here and you’re there. Pretty spanish guitar backing and pretty silly rapping over the top. What can you say? One of those tracks that probably needs a summer release though, if we’re honest.

The BPA ft. Iggy Pop – He’s Frank
You’ve got to hand it to Norman Cook, he’s dropped the Fatboy name and loosened up a bit and is now basically just larking around with a few big name mates. Granted, it’s not a patch on the majestically daft Toe Jam, but you’ve got Iggy rambling on about a “peculiar boy” and some lazy guitar strumming and it’s all good. This is emphatically NOT A PROPER VIDEO but, as you will see when you click the Toe Jam link above, when they do made a proper video it will no doubt be excellent.