BRIT awards musings and despair

by MV

sam and mick introduce scouting for girls by mistake

OK so I had to get in on the “fun” here. Tonight it’s the BRITs and, while they may be a hopeless anachronism, that makes it obligatory to ponder what was going through the minds of the people choosing this year’s shortlist (other than “which artists need a bit of a sales leg-up right now?”, obv.)

I can’t do anything snazzy like live blog the results because I’m off watching Black Box Recorder in Kilburn tonight. Much more fun. So anyway…

British Single
Given the “remit” of this blog, the one I should be most interested in. And it’s voted by THE PUBLIC so you can’t argue right? Choices? Coldplay, Duffy, Leona (not that one), and ruddy Scouting For Girls. OK, so Girls Aloud are in there too. I LIKE The Promise but single of the year? Hmm. As has been repeated elsewhere… American Boy? Wearing My Rolex? Etc, etc. Terrible.

British Male Solo Artist
This has to be the worst category at any awards ceremony ever. Do we go for the horribly bland (Morrison), the vaguely underperforming (Skinner), or the WHY IS THIS EVEN ON HERE? (Brown, Weller)? No, we probably go for the Will Young, even though we can’t really remember anything he’s done since that video in the swimming pool :(

British Female Solo Artist
Officially Much More Like It in that we can choose between Estelle and MIA here. Either would be pleasing. If it’s Adele or Duffy then I’m giving up all hope. Of something or other. Rowley is on there to make up the numbers I assume.

Breakthrough Act
It’s rare that I’d advocate the Ting Tings for anything, but when the choices include Scouting For Girls and Adele, then I just might have to.

British Group
Boring, boring, boring, and boringer. Oh, and Girls Aloud. But their last album was hardly up to scratch, was it? Coldplay will probably win. Yawn.

Live Act
This is another utter abomination of a category. I hope Iron Maiden win, just for a bit of a smile. As long as it isn’t Scouting For Girls or the SODDING VERVE, ffs.

British Album
I guess this is the category where they can get away with being A Bit Dull. Because albums people kind of like dull, so goes the theory. So I wouldn’t be overly angered if it went to someone like Elbow or Radiohead. Couldn’t care less, really.

International Album
Kings of Leon will probably will this. It’s another fairly predictable, boring list. MGMT would be my pick of the very average list.

International Male
MUST be given to Kanye, right? And under no circumstances to “Seasick Steve”, please.

International Female
Again, more like it. My pick is Santogold, but unlikely and Beyonce would be a good shout. Not Katy Perry plz.

International Group
Exactly the same as international album, right down to the inclusion of hip young things AC/DC. Unfussed. The Killers maybe?

Oh well.

At least Pet Shop Boys get the outstanding contribution award. Just a shame so few of the nominated bands have learnt ANYTHING WHATSOEVER from the night’s professed “influential” band.

Hopefully, as with the BBC’s “Sound of” list this year, things will pick up in 12 months time…