frYars – Visitors

by MV


OK, so I’ve decided that posting everything at once means this place is too quiet for most of the week. So it’s one track at a time from now on. The first act to benefit from this enormously privileged treatment is 19-year-old electro “whizz” Ben Garrett, AKA frYars (irritating caps disappointingly non-optional). On this nice little track, he gets a helping hand from one of his evident icons, Mr Dave Gahan, who mumbles along on backing vocals. As shamelessly retro as La Roux, but somehow feeling a bit more substantial. The obvious touchpoints are Soft Cell and Gahan’s own work, but the pillaging is reverential, in the mould of Patrick Wolf, or a slightly more Pop Magnetic Fields. Out on the 9th March, with an album, Dark Young Hearts to follow soonish afterwards.