Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family – 1973

by MV


SUMMER’S HERE. LISTEN TO THIS. OK so it’s been “out” for a while now, but not exactly on my usual radar. Thanks to the joys of RCRDLBL.com, I’ve been (on occasion) venturing a little further afield. Now bear with this track. It’s hard to describe – pretty, woozy, vaguely psychadelic in places, French. All good, but especially good when it then blasts off… well, on one. It’s an absolute joy, and in remix form – Para One’s take, specifically – one of my singles of the year so far. If the original on the video doesn’t sell it, head off over here and download aforementioned remix. There’s also another track over there with blokey from TV On The Radio singing, but that’s less great.