Manatee Racket – Sarah Went To Cinema

by MV


Officially the WORST band name I’ve heard all year. And what’s this? Jangly, ramshackle, chanty schmindie? What am I even thinking? Well, I’ve loved stuff like this before, and tired of it. Perhaps this horrendously-named Norwegian lot could be the ones to revive my interest in the, uh, genre. The track, another one sourced from the wonderful RCRDLBL, has definitely charmed the pants off me. Sounding a bit like the similarly impossible-to-hate Pete & the Pirates, it’s an unstoppably breezy little thing, rattling along and getting across through music its lyrical sentiment – why can’t just be like kids? Why not, indeed. No idea when/if it’s out over here as it’s not on my handy release list.