La Roux – Bulletproof

by MV


Still resolutely stuck in the 80s, there are nonetheless many and varied reasons to be cheerful about this latest offering from Elly Jackson & La Roux. For starters: while it’s still recognisably them, Bulletproof doesn’t follow the identikit stylings of the first two singles. This is also clealy the best video yet, set in some kind of Tron/Holodeck/Bad 80s kids TV show world in which Elly is almost as angular as the (suspiciously cheapy nightclub toilet-y) scenery she inhabits. The song isn’t as immediate as Quicksand or In For The Kill, but more importantly it’s bouncier, jollier, and surely a shoe-in for a number one. No?

Video link HERE as embedding is disabled by those BBC exclusive-chasing spoilsports.

More: Quicksand video; In For The Kill video; download Skream’s superlative In For The Kill remix for free at RCRDLBL.