Manic Street Preachers – Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

by MV


First, a disclaimer: the video below is a fanvid – but don’t let that put you off. It’s actually a bunch of well-chosen clips from Mysterious Skin that complement the song pretty perfectly.

Second, a confession: I was a teenage Manics fan. Yes, and not even when it was acceptably cool. I got my Manics thing on in, like, 1996. I was pretty shamefully obsessed, though.

Finally, a revelation: this is absolutely and completely brilliant. I don’t know if it’s Richey’s lyrics – I’m not sentimental about them, merely appreciative of the fact that they have a sense of their own preposterousness – or Albini’s production (while I’m no real fan in general, he did do a cracking job on the Auteurs’ After Murder Park) but safe to say this is the best, and most (bizarrely) enjoyable thing the Manics have done in over a decade.

I’ve never thoroughly hated a Manics album, if I’m honest. This is My Truth was unforgiveably dull, and yeah, Know Your Enemy was 85% turd, but the last two have, in totally different ways, been pretty satisfying for a bunch of aging rockers. This is in a different league though. I’m actually enjoying it for what it is rather than for what they were. And that’s a happy thing.

Right, as you were…