Royksopp ft. Robyn – The Girl & The Robot

by MV


Hallelujah! An official video has finally emerged for this one. An undoubted highlight of Royksopp’s patchy third album Junior, this is a track plainly built around Robyn’s style, rather than Robyn guesting on a Royksopp-esque track, and all the better for it.

The video is overliteral but neat, Robyn looks stunning, and the 2-second cameo from the Royksopp guys tells you all you need to know about who this one’s all about.

It actually sounds little like Royksopp’s usual fare, instead opting for a straightforward rerun of the incessent build/release and hyper-emotional vocals that characterised Robyn’s best moment so far – 2007’s With Every Heartbeat. While it’s never going to match that Kleerup-assisted high, it’s Robyn’s best single since and deserves to be massive.