Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

by MV

20081028 slow club

One of my favouritest discoveries of 2008 was the sheer joy of the Slow Club live show. A pair of unassuming but oh-so-lively Sheffield kids, signed to Moshi Moshi (who as far as I can tell have never put out a bad record), they play a kind of music which defies positive description (cheerful indiepop-skiffle doesn’t really sell it, right?).

Their closest bedfellows would probably be Nebraskan tap-dancing types Tilly and the Wall, but there’s something even better about to happen here. Thus far the singles haven’t quite captured the infectious energy of the live experience, but this one pretty much nails it I reckon. And the video’s pretty glorious, too. If you can hold back a smile for the duration, you probably have no soul.