The Most Serene Republic – Heavens to Purgatory

by MV

most serene republic

I’m assuming this is a fanvid rather than the official one, but it goes pretty well even if it is more than a little creepy.

Anyway, I had to post this, simply because it’s one of the most glorious things I’ve heard all year. Heavens to Purgatory was chucked out as a free download a few months ago, as a taster for the Arts & Crafts-signed Canadians’ third album proper …And The Ever Expanding Universe.

While their last record, Population, made a dent in indie communities, this one, on this evidence, deserves to do much more. Starting off with a bit of ramshackle stumbling, it bursts into life as a euphoric blast that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Passion Pit album. Actually, it’s better than most of Manners, if I’m honest. Very much worth a listen.