Little Boots – Remedy

by MV


Right then – this would be the Little Boots “reboot” then, if you will. Following offical debut New In Town, a relatively lacklustre affair with a video that deliberately (apparently) avoided presenting an “image” of Little Boots*, here we have what we expected first time around. Tenorion at the start of the video? Check. Shiny shiny shiny? Check. Spacey screensaver type nonsense? Check. The song’s also a billion times better than New In Town, too. There’s hope yet.

*A few months ago Victoria said in a Popjustice interview: “We went with an idea that worked well with the song, rather than one with ‘Little Boots world’. There were pitches that had me flying through space dressed in a disco ball and it just felt a bit obvious.” We’ll await the spaceship disco ball thing in the next vid, then…