Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

by MV

A strong contender for my single of the year, Melisa Young’s brilliant electro-pop fist-in-the-air banger should rightfully be her big UK crossover track. If the record label ever gets around to releasing it…

It’s taken long enough to get the video together. Worth it? Maybe. Some nice painty-video trickery going on but, in the same way Little Boots’ New In Town vid missed the point of the spangliness of her endeavour, Right Hand Hi’s visuals are a bit too dark and grimey for their own good.

Anyway, one listen and I guarantee it’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. You can get a couple of decent remixes for the princely sum of NOWT over at RCRDLBL, along with a whole bunch of other Kid Sister treats. Get thee there now.

The video, as ever, is after the click…