Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

by MV

So, there we all were, thinking we’d had enough of Lady Gaga for 2009. There’s that brilliant Kid Sister single out there that thoroughly out-Gagas 2009 Gaga. Enough already. No need. And then this arrives. Riding a massive glittery phallus from the future.

It’s hard to remember the last time a single simultaneously made you go ‘you WHAT?’ and ‘oh god YES!’ in the same breath. In fairness it was probably another, lesser, Gaga track. But this one steps it all up by a factor of X. It’s utter insanity. The chanted nonsense that’s a smidge away from irritation but instead falls firmly on the side of brilliance; the mentalist bathHAUS antics of the video; the way she makes ‘love love love’ sound like ‘blah blah blah’; and pretty much everything else about this rather excellent five minutes of gibberish.

I quite like this one.