Top 50 Singles 2009 (50-41)

by MV

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it (and seemingly this year, mostly, it’s “hate it”) it is LIST TIME. I’m not going to even think about a 2000s list until the start of next year, as I have my usual top 50 of the year to get through first.

This is a personal list, my opinion only, which goes without saying really. There may be some ‘consensus’ choices in there, but they’ll only be in there if I love them. There’s very little objectivity gone into this list. Hopefully there are a few random selections that you might have missed me wittering about earlier in the year – check out some of those.

Click below for the first ten. Next batch will follow next week sometime. Hopefully it’ll be done before Christmas.

50. Tiga – Shoes

In brief: Deliberately hyper-mannered, blank pastiche 80s electro. She/He spoken vocals where the She is (or alternatively, isn’t) Madonna.
He say “I wrote it about my three favourite things in life: shoes, hair and gloves.”
Best bit: 1.11 – “She” says “It’s the sound of my shoes”. Trust me, it’s ace.
See also: Mr Oizo remix

49. Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree Family – 1973

In brief: Rather polite, but charming, head-in-the-clouds French tree-hugging silliness. There’s even talking trees in the video.
They say: “Remember this is no tribute band, no Devendra Banhart hippie shit, no I’m From Barcelona hippie shit either. We’re a regular band.” (Ahem.)
Best bit: 2.33 onwards: the unexpected rifftastic coda that takes a sly dig at what’s come before – “Well, that was 20 years ago…”
See also: Superior remix from Para One

48. The Hundred in the Hands – Dressed in Dresden

In brief: Choppy, buzzy little post-punk/pop gem. Sort of Emily Haines sings a Bangles melody over an old Strokes song type thing.
They say: Not much, yet.
Fact: Signed to Warp and working with Richard X. Exciting.
See also: Jacques Renault’s moodier/sexier reworking, Undressed in Dresden
Best bit: Around 2.04, for no real reason.

47. Air France – Gothenburg Belongs To Me

In brief: They love Saint Etienne, are from Sweden, and make electronic pop music. You can imagine the (exquisite) result for yourself. Or click the Youtube nonvid above.
They say: “I bought my first Saint Etienne record when I was 13. A bully in my class found it in my Walkman and played it to everyone in my class, and for months I was called names. But fuck them, Bob Stanley is one of the few people I really feel have made me a better person.”
Best bit: Too smooth and complete to choose a moment.
See also: Their pleasant take on Saint Etienne’s Spring

46. Crystal Stilts – Love is a Wave

In brief: Indiepop mumbling over a schlocky, rollicking 2 minutes of retro-pop.
They say: “I was asked to describe the sound by an interviewer the other day and said that I had read in a German write-up the phrase “jangle schrammelpop.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds just about right.”
Best bit: The sound of a song coming to its conclusion dead on the 2 minute mark. Ahh.
See also: Departure.

45. Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful

In brief: Joyful, happy-clappy twee skiffle-pop. But also: a song that builds and grows, and with it puts the Sheffield duo a cut above the indiepop swamp.
They say: [On using a chair as a musical instrument] “I just don’t think it’s that weird. It’s just a piece of wood that sounds quite cool.”
Best bit: 1.51, melody turned up to 11
See also: The rather amusing video to Trophy Room

44. Modernaire – Faites Vos Jeux

In brief: Hypnotic mix of chanting and half-rapping over some prehistoric electro noises.
Fact: Singer allegedly called Chesty La Rue. Isn’t that one taken?
Best bit: “Apparently murder is out of fashion/ so I got put away for a crime of passion”
See also: This remix here which adds some rather nice house-y piano chords near the end.

43. Manic Street Preachers – Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

In brief: Holy Bible b-side, but somewhat sillier. Even sillier than ‘Revol’.
They say: “It is a good title, isn’t it? The weirdest thing is, I think, lyrics aside, a lot of it is very sweet and very pop. If we’d done it in a different lifetime with different words, who knows, it could have been a gigantic hit single.”
Best bit: “Oh mummy, what’s a Sex Pistol?”, obviously.
See also: OMG there’s a Saint Etienne remix which is basically a cover version: LOOK!

42. Tinchy Stryder ft. Amelle – Never Leave You

In brief: Pseudo-Sugababe (Serial No. 005) joins Tinchy in an endearingly British (tinpot, cheap, but cute) take on an Usher-esque R’n’B power ballad.
He say: Rather a lot of PR-friendly fluff, and nothing very interesting, as far as I can see.
Best bit: 0.01: The preposterous introduction.
See also: All of his other hits. Turn your radio on.

41. Miike Snow – Animal

In brief: “Toxic”-hitmakers done gone formed a band. And made some pretty cool tunes, like this one.
They say: “Animal is a very simple song. Its very simply made. Directing your attention to mans underlying nature and how sometimes things in society just don’t work out to meet your needs.”
Best bit: 2.12, the plinky plonky bit
See also: Fred Falke remix (emphasises the plinky plonky bit); album highlight Song For No-one

Tune in next week for rather a lot of dancefloor-friendly tuneage, with a few morsels of indiepop scattered inbetween. Tasty. EDIT: Here you go – Part 2 is HERE.