Top 50 Singles 2009 (40-31)

by MV

Welcome to Part 2! If you missed Part 1 – you can find it here.

Familiar names start cropping up in the top 40, as one would expect, but among the Dizzee Rascal and the Groove Armada, there’s plenty of new stuff, some older new stuff, and maybe the odd thing you haven’t heard. So give it a click below and have a look.

40. The Secret History – It’s Not The End of the World, Jonah

In brief: Tail-end of ’08 track sneaks its way onto list by virtue of being ace. Smiths-indebted singalong indiepop, but there are also some lush Fleetwood Mac noises in here too.
They say: “I’ve lost some things, and regrets… I’ve had a few. Then again, too few to mention. But seriously, much art is lamentation. And this certainly is.”
Fact: Singer Lisa Ronson is the actual daughter of Bowie axeman Mick Ronson.
Best Bit: Guitar sounds in verse (eg 0.30)
See also: The rest of the excellent Desolation Town EP, mostly streaming on their MySpace

39. Chew Lips – Salt Air

In brief: Kitsune-beloved east-Londoners with a thankfully distinctive take on the dreaded 80s revival.
They say: “The album will very much be the record of 2010. As a body of work it’s going to differentiate us from a lot of the people we’ve been unfairly compared to – it’s future classic pop.”
See also: Plastician remix

38. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed

In brief: Much-hyped and all of that, but if ever a song did what it said on the tin, this is it. Wide-eyed, occasionally fidgety but ultimately gorgeous music.
She say: “I only listen to Bon Iver really.” (!)
Best Bit: 1.53 – DROP out.
See also: Starsmith & Ellie’s take on Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead.

37. Bike for Three! – All There Is To Say About Love

In brief: Highlight of a rather special collaboration that layers Buck 65’s laid-back rapping on top of some wonderfully bibbly electro.
They say: “The way we made this record was really new for me. Joelle would see a piece of music to completion. And then almost as if she was saying ‘this is my gift to you,’ she’d send me these amazing songs via email. Then it would be up to me to add the lyrics.”
Best Bit: The dreamy intro.
See also: The album More Heart Than Brains.

36. Groove Armada – I Won’t Kneel

In brief: Classy 80s Stevie Nicks chorus action from pop stalwarts’ upcoming “darker” album Black Light.
They say: “I think even people who’ve hated everything we’ve ever made before could absolutely love this record. I’m incredibly proud of it.”
Best Bit: Chorus kicks in at 0.50.
See also: Bloody Beetroots remix which ditches the dark and ups the dance.

35. Felix da Housecat – We All Wanna Be Prince

In brief: Princely (ahem) return to form for the king of electro.
He say: “The dude I am singing about is the Prince about 1978-1991. We all wanna be Prince, that Prince, at least I did.”
Best Bit: Deliciously understated semi-chorus, 0.46.
See also: Slightly shinier remix from Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz.

34. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Higher Than The Stars

In brief: Sparkling pick of an exceptional bunch of indiepop gems. Hard not to love.
They say: “Well it was just like for us, what’s the highest thing possible. Higher than the buildings, higher than the clouds, then we figured out that it was higher than the stars, and we just went with that.”
Best Bit: That spine-tingly intro.
See also: Everything else they’ve done. Oh, and here’s another excuse for me to mention Saint Etienne.

33. Delorean – Deli

In brief: Sun-drenched electronic pop from the Basque country via Barcelona.
They say: “We don’t like clubs where people are too aware of themselves. Our parties are more loose. You can just dance and bounce and hug your friends.”
Best Bit: MASSIVE drop out around the 3 minute mark.
Fact: The EP that this came from is called Ayrton Senna. Kudos!
See also: Their remix of the Mystery Jets’ Half in Love With Elizabeth from last year is pretty nice.

32. Vitalic – Poison Lips

In brief: Unsettlingly powerful, dark, deep electro highlight of a triumphant return from electro’s man of the decade.
He say: “Electro Rock was everywhere and I had a stomach ache from it. I’m happy I changed direction. I may make some new rock stuff later, but not now. I am a musician, I’d like to be able to make a Polka, a fanfare, a rock song, a minimal track, a disco song, a movie soundtrack, zouk, punk or whatever.”
Best Bit: I like the bit around 1.47ish. Why? Why.
See also: The album Flashmob.

31. Dizzee Rascal ft. Calvin Harris & Chrome – Holiday

In brief: Which track to pick from the omnipresent twosome? Two-for-one value here. Just pure good fun.
He say: “I wanted to make music that would make people get up, move and jump about, instead of stand around and want to fucking kill each other.”
Best Bit: Oh, come on now, no competition. 3.11!
See also: Any of either of their albums really. I have a soft spot for Calvin’s Flashback.