Top 50 Singles 2009 (30-21)

by MV

Here comes part 3! Click back a few posts for parts 1 and 2. There’s a bit more obvious pop this time around, but a couple of tasty semi-obscurities and treats in there too. All good fun. 2009 has been a pretty good year in pop, I’m starting to think…

Numbers 30 to 21 are behind the clicK…

30. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

In brief: Multi-layered, slickly produced hyper-emoting pop. By some distance my favourite Florence thing so far.
She say: “I would like to work with T.I. because I fancy him. I’d also like to work with Tom Waits, but I don’t really fancy him; he’s just a f**king genius.”
Best Bit: Around 2.21.
See also: The XX’s sublime refit of her otherwise bothersome You’ve Got The Love

29. Busta Rhymes ft. Estelle – World Go Round

In brief: Rather fab collaboration that sees both parties playing to their strengths. Should have been much bigger.
He say: [On poor reception of his latest record] “Sometimes, the measurement can’t even be measured because it supersedes the level of expectation that you have to possibly measure the way you can have your greatness received.” OK then…
See also: DJ Mehdi remix

28. Little Boots – Remedy

In brief: Even if Little Boots didn’t fully deliver in 2009, she still produced some solid gold moments – this was the best of the bunch.
She say: “The song is about dancing and music being a remedy to some kind of poison in your life. I wanted to write a dark dance pop song a bit like Britney Spears’ Toxic. The lyrics are not really very personal, I was more imagining a situation.”
Best Bit: 2.30 – chorus done dropout-style. Sweet.
See also: Earthquake; Remedy remixed by Crazy Cousinz

27. Yes Giantess – Tuff ‘n’ Stuff

In brief: Embarrassing title conceals alternating silly and subtle classic in the making from The New MGMT.
They say: “We want someone to make us sound like Kylie Minogue records, that is the goal, whoever knows how to do that the best please call us.”
Best Bit: It really takes until 1.33 to figure out that there is greatness hidden among the chest-beating nonsense of the verse.
See also: Not much yet, but their remix of Little Boots’ Earthquake is pretty swish.

26. Tiesto ft. Tegan & Sara – Feel It In My Bones

In brief: Epic stadium-filling trance + emotional indie twins = really very good indeed.
Best Bit: This one’s a sort of gentle build. As you’d expect. So it just gets better.
See also: Knock You Out, with Emily Haines off of Metric

25. Rex the Dog – Bubblicious

In brief: Video of the year? Also incredible, cheerful bosh that really should be all over the charts.
He say: “We like the 80s but we also like the 90s and the right nows. When we play in clubs and parties, lots of things go into the mix, but the emphasis is on the party.”
Best Bit: Around 2mins, where it goes all breaks-y.
See also: Well, there’s another Rex moment coming up later, so I wouldn’t want to spoil the, ahem, surprise. You must literally be unable to bear the suspense.

24. Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story

In brief: First of two tracks that are in here because of a remix. In this case, it’s a joyful, bouncy thing by Aeroplane. The original: a lush, classy indiepop beauty.
They say: [On Fame] “I think if you’re right and we’re totally getting famous and I lose my privileges of wearing my pyjamas anonymously in public then I am gonna be really upset!”
Best Bit: In the original, it’s the moment that irrestistibly lovely verse melody first kicks in – around 0.45.
See also: AEROPLANE MIX – it’s seriously great.

23. Zambri – Easier

In brief: Like Gossip cut loose. Funky, tribal verse gives way to a mighty shoutalong chorus. The remix below ramps it up another gear.
Best Bit: Post-chorus action – 1.23.
See also: Definitive remix by Does it Offend You Yeah? is downloadable here

22. Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara – Takin’ Back My Love

In brief: If you’re going to do emotional pop, do it properly. A blinding RedOne production featuring the king of over-emoting. Brilliant.
Best Bit: Chorus 1 – 0.55.
See also: I’m struggling here to be honest. Can I link to the Ping Pong Song again? I just did.

21. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops

In brief: The best summer song with rain in the title (feel free to challenge!) and, ultimately, classic Jaxx.
They say: “When we started, we had the unfashionable idea of making deep spiritual American-sounding underground house music. European dance music was horrible at the time – it was all about drugs, it sounded like all the producers were on cocaine with hard Nazi beats, and it didn’t enrich the soul.”
Best Bit: When the chorus kicks back in at 2.26
See also: Doorly remix.