Late of the Pier – Blueberry

by MV

Right, on with 2010. Happy New Year! More occasional flurries of links to music videos new, nearly new, and occasionally really old. But all new to me. This week will mostly be focussing on stuff I’ve missed over the xmas period. Here’s the first…

In brief: Spacey Midlands Prince-aping poppers finally get Mr. E. Alkan to twiddle the knobs in a way that successfully articulates the many mad ideas in their many mad heads. At the same time, they go a bit more prog. Mixed, yet captivating, results ensue.
They say: [On an unspecified new song, which may well have been Blueberry] “It starts with The Snowman, goes into the Beatles, turns into Ultravox, and then goes into like Soulwax remixing Daft Punk at the end. Fucking weird song.”
Best Bit: The last minute or so. Just weird noises, really.
See also: Here’s Marina (“And The Diamonds”) covering LOTP’s Space and the Woods.