Goldfrapp – Rocket

by MV

It seems like upcoming fifth album Rocket will be a return to the chart-friendly electro-pop that Goldfrapp had settled into before the minor pastoral sidestep that was Seventh Tree. No bad thing, really, especially as they’ve taken the sense of fun that characterised much of their last album and stuck it on top of some tasty synthy sounds.

Rocket is an initially unassuming beast, sounding a bit flimsy to start with, but having lived with it for a month or so, it definitely worms its way into your subconscious. Like a musical wormy thing.

The video features the best use of a massive truck in pop since Tatu’s Not Gonna Get Us. The massive truck in this video has a massive pink rocket on the back of it and Alison in the driving seat. Make of that what you will…