The Secret History – Johnny Anorak

by MV

A bumper crop of brilliant stuff this week. It’s all a bit indie, though, so look away now if you’re offended by guitars and stuff like that.

Kicking off the week, a band that I’ve been waiting for a video-based reason to talk about on here for quite a while. Their 2008 Desolation Town EP was a perfectly formed little thing, with a series of flawless examples of the kind of Smiths-indebted lyric-indie that you don’t get enough quality interpretations of these days.

What elevates them above them your average indie fare though is the glittery stamp of glam rock, no doubt passed down in the gene pool from legendary Bowie axemeister Mick Ronson to his daugher – and Secret History frontperson – Lisa.

Their debut full-length is an epic, widescreen affair called The World That Never Was, that takes the EP’s blueprint and runs with it. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but if this is your cuppa, The Secret History are a band to fall in love with. UK shows now please?