Yes Giantess – The Ruins

by MV

Only just stumbled across the video for this, thus I’m not very on the ball and that. Sorry, sorry.

For some reason, when I voted in that BBC Sound of 2010 poll, I went a bit funny and decided it’d be worth voting for this lot. While they have somewhat rudely failed to make their way to even a moderate degree of aclaim in the the UK, they have repaid me to a degree by making this video which features ALIEN ROBOTS.

They’re also still ploughing the same slightly preposterous MGMT-on-poppers furrow that they were last time I looked, which I’ll take as a pretty good thing. This band are sort of recommended if you like Passion Pit and (obviously) MGMT at their most pop, but really only if you also don’t mind a touch of 80s pomp-rock theatrical nonsense joining the party. It’s all a bit stoopid, but enjoyably so.