Ocelot – Beating Hearts (& Louis La Roche remix)

by MV

A Wall of Sound-signed duo, whose Myspace proclaims ‘all the fun of trance, without all that trance’, Ocelot have been doing the remix rounds for a while now. Now they’re striking out alone, and… well, it’s another track with more than a little of that classic French house thing going on… and another Tron-hued video. With added skulls and robots.

OK, so there’s nothing wrong with any of that at all. But it is all a little ho-hum. The remix by 19 year old Brit Louis La Roche, though, does something rather special with it. It’s no radical departure, but it emphasizes all that’s good in the original, sifting out the mediocrity and elevating the celebratory. All in all? Victory.