Mother Mother – Hayloft

by MV

An old-ish track from this Canadian five-piece on Metric’s Last Gang Records. Since they’re currently over in London for their debut UK dates though, and the rather manic ‘Hayloft’ seems to have been chosen as their Brit-intro, I thought it was worth a post.

Sharing a label with Metric is a reasonable clue to the general sound and look of Mother Mother, though you wouldn’t guess it from this weirdly catchy little tune. They’ve shared producers in the past with Tegan and Sara and the New Pornographers, each of which gives a further hint of what to expect. I’ve included the video to ‘O My Heart’, as well, for a more representative sample of their sound. ‘Hayloft’, though, is a hyperactive one-off, bursting with high-speed riffs and pitched-up vocals, recalling pop-Devo, or the Pixies in their sillier moments. To some: highly irritating, no doubt. But it’s catchy as hell.

Mother Mother play the Windmill, Brixton on May 19th (that’s next Wednesday). You can stream last year’s second album O My Heart here.