Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another World

by MV

I’ve been away some time.. but now I’m back. Inevitably with not posting for a month, there’s going to be a fair few out of date tracks this week. All so good I couldn’t leave them out though.

Kicking off, Mystery Jets’ just-about still current single. Every time this band show up again, they seduce me with a couple of exemplary modern guitar-pop records (the last album’s Young Love and Two Doors Down being pretty much definitive examples), and then I listen to the indifferent album, or catch an underwhelming live show and forget about them again.

So, while I’m pleased that third album Seratonin is probably their best to date, I’ll still probably never listen to it again, because that’s just the way it seems to work. ‘Dreaming of Another World’, though self-consciously composed of cliche (check out the first few seconds of the vid for proof of said self-awareness), works for me on pretty much every level.