The Hundred In The Hands – Tom Tom

by MV

The Hundred In The Hands are one of my favourite new(ish) bands. A duo who once formed part of something called “The Boggs” (the less about that the better), they put out a frankly awesome single called Dressed in Dresden a year or so ago. Since then they’ve been filtering through bits and pieces here and there, with an album due pleasingly soon. They’ve been touring the UK (or touring London and some festivals, more accurately) for the last week or so and although I’ve thus far failed to catch them, I plan to do so SOON. Tom Tom finds them progressing from the guitar-led sound of their debut single into more minimal territory. Combining the vibe of the Kills circa No Wow with a refreshing mannered cutesyness, it’s a slow-burner but one that repays repeated listens.

They support the Dum Dum Girls at Cargo on Friday 30th.