New Sleigh Bells video – Infinity Guitars

by MV

Apologies friends and (rapidly dwindling) readers. This here blog is effectively “on hiatus” right now, while I sort my life out. Hopefully I shall have done so soon, and I can resume posting exciting new videos.

I thought as well as the apology, I better post something. Turns out I timed this well, for here’s one of my favourite new videos of the year. Sleigh Bells, as you may know, are awesome. This video is their first full-on, nicely shot effort, and delivers on all fronts. Most of all, it captures what is most excellent about Sleigh Bells – namely, the STRUT. Yes. It’s mostly quite simple, but decorates itself by casually tossing in rock vid cliches – burning guitars, cheerleaders, all present. But your attention’s still where it should be: on the mismatched duo. Lovely stuff.

Back soon x