Top 75 Tracks 2010, part 3

by MV

I’m loving the fact that each and every batch of tracks I run through this year is making me thing “um, shouldn’t this be further up the list?” What a great year for tunes.

If you’re enjoying this as much as I am, here’s a Spotify playlist containing the tracks so far (from 75-31) – it will of course be updated with the rest in due course. Reverse order, naturally.

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40. The Golden Filter – Hide Me (Clock Opera Mix)

Take one catchy, but relatively straight-laced New York electropop track from the back end of last year, sprinkle liberally with London-based producer Clock Opera’s trademark blips and cut-ups. What do you get? The twinkliest, dreamist few minutes in a year not short of twinkly, dreamy music. Bliss.

39. Nicki Minaj (ft. Sean Garrett) – Massive Attack

So the amazing Nicki Minaj eventually delivered an album late in 2010, following a superlative bunch of scene-stealing guest appearances, and… it was a bit disappointing, really. So let’s skip back much earlier in the year to this fierce, confrontational introductory track (for me at least). Whatever the album suggests, a quick look at this video will remove any doubt that Minaj will be a superstar soon enough.

38. Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix)

An Ibiza-flavoured summer club smash that basically hits all the right buttons. Sure, it’s cheesy, but in a way that reminds you that there is beauty in standing on a packed dancefloor, arms aloft. Celebratory, essentially. Big shame they had to do the usual post-summer comedown thing and ruin it by whacking some irrelevant vocals on top. The difference in relative quality of videos says it all.

37. Ratatat – Sunblocks

I only really caught up with guitar-y, occasionally beat-y instrumentalists Ratatat this year, on their imaginatively titled LP4. I could really have picked any track from that magnificent, mood-enhancing record, but the definitive track for me was this little burst of chilled mid-summer beauty. Evocative, for me at least, of recovery bus rides after sweltering summer afternoons in the city, it takes the grating sound of the soft-rock guitar solo and turns it into something rather special.

36. Miami Horror – Sometimes

OK, so they’re Aussies and this really doesn’t sound a million miles away from a poppier take on something or other from In Ghost Colours, but why should that be a bad thing? With Cut Copy apparently taking a move away from that sound, someone needs to hold the torch for euphoric, summery electropop, and this does it quite wonderfully.

35. Hurts – Better Than Love

I think this single set my hopes a little too high for what Hurts might subsequently deliver. The album, as has been said and said again, is perhaps a little too 90s boyband for my tastes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or indeed for pillaging a decade that isn’t the 80s. But this track, with its gorgeous looking video, seemed to suggest better things. It remains glorious, whatever’s happened since.

34. Netsky – Eyes Closed

This came to my attention around the start of the year, so may be just a little older, but I’ve hammered it sufficiently in 2010 that it has to feature. Released on Hospital, legendary DnB label and home of High Contrast, it’s a repetitive, storming beast of a record. I’m told it’s technically liquid, rather than DnB. In any case, it’s awesome.

33. Kisses – A Weekend In Brooklyn

Jesse Kivel of Kisses is also half of sub-Vampire Weekend types Princeton. This is something else entirely. I’ve eschewed their ‘blog hits’ of the summer (Bermuda and Kisses), essential though they are, in favour of this gem from their debut album The Heart of the Nightlife. Why? Because it’s lovely. Downbeat, almost twee, synthpop that makes me very happy indeed.

32. Caribou – Odessa

If that other so-so band I never really got on with (Yeasayer) caught my ears in 2010 by elbowing their way onto the indie disco dancefloor, then Caribou went a whole leap further. I suppose ‘Sun’ might be lots of people’s choice for the year, but my heart’s behind this still weird, but undeniably funky and beat-savvy lead single, from way back in January.

31. Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Video of the year alert! Peter Serafinowicz’s masterpiece already has you at the Hot Chip as boyband intro, before everything goes totally batshit mental. Just watch it if you haven’t already. The song is yet another highpoint for the band, the verse genuinely is pop of the quality that lots of boybands would die (horribly) for, but what about that chorus? Nothing is wasted and life is worth living, indeed.

UP NEXT… MORE SONGS. Stay tuned.