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Keren Ann – My Name is Trouble

Too lovely not to post.

Keren Ann – My Name Is Trouble

International type Keren Ann (you may have heard her on something like Gray’s Anatomy, or having her songs covered by the likes of Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy) is now on her fifth album. Aside from the odd track here and there, she’s largely passed me by. This is the lead track from upcoming album number six, entitled 101 and out in February. It’s icy-cold yet assured, cinematic and classy. I’ll pay more attention in future.

Her website has a neat little player for this song that does nifty things with comments. Oh, and a remix competition. Yes, another one of those. Sigh.

Telephoned – Hold Me

Telephoned… basically your average Brooklyn art prank band, right? Surfacing a few years back with that ‘Pop Champagne’ version, Sammy Bananas (YES) and Maggie Horn have made party-friendly, and some might say ever so slightly silly, cover versions their way of life for the past few years. Their Off The Hook mixtape, featuring a bunch of covers from the sublime (Kyla’s Do You Mind) to the unnecessary (Kings of Lyawn), is still available for FREE here and is still fun.

Hold Me is the duo’s first entirely original track, and it’s pretty sweet actually. Sure, the squelchy synths are still present and correct, but there’s also a new subtlety to the vocals that makes it all rather lovely. True to form, though, they’ve also covered themselves on the b-side, taking the original to loungey, and possibly ill-advised, new lands.

Both versions can be streamed below at Soundcloud, along with a typically borderline genius/ridiculous take on Kid Sister’s amazing Daydreaming, that throws in a few more dreams along the way…

Hold Me

Hold Me (Cover Version)

Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams Version)