Why a Nicki-only Monster is pointless

by MV

So let me get this straight… Kanye West is a misogynistic prick and now everyone hates him. Apparently some people’s resolution for 2011 is to set records for rapidly changing their minds about something they very recently declared to be Amazing.

Revisionism 2011 ™ seems to be on the verge of declaring Minaj’s verse in Monster the only thing now officially safe to like about Kanye 2010. Not a bad argument in some sense, given that it’s the best few minutes in pop of the last 12 months.

So let’s have a Nicki-only Monster [MP3] right? Ditch those tedious old dudes and you got a 100% right-on and totally perfect track? Right?


And this is no discredit to Mr. Kingdom, on remix/edit duties back there. It’s a pretty good mix. Taken on it’s own, it’s pretty cool. If I’d heard that, and not heard Monster, I’d think YES. This is most decent.

However, what it’s made me realise is that eating the cherry without the cake SUCKS.

Rubbish, obviously

Everyone happy

Now while it would no doubt please Kanye and his buddies to be compared to a giant pink cupcake, I do have a point beyond that.

As if I needed one.

Anyway, the point is simple: Nicki’s verse works so well because of build and release. Monster is by no means awful before she shows up, but it is a bit of a slog.

Simple then, right, skip the slog?

Some things are a bit of a slog:

"Let's skip the rubbish bit on the right and just get someone to drop us off at the top"

The joy is in the build up. Bon Iver’s whining, Rick Ross’s half-arsed shambolism, Kanye’s phoned-in “Kanye”, Jay-Z’s befuddled old dude act. CLIMB IT.

Then one of these shows up, in a pink wig:


And it gives the completed whole a meaning. Take THAT you perfectly functional but kind of dilapidated old building-type dudes.

What good’s a wrecking ball swinging aimlessly around in the air?