Video: Scarlette Fever – Crash and Burn

by MV

I like to think of myself as, if not exactly ahead of the curve (I’m not), at least hanging onto its coat-tails. Desperately and unconvincingly.

So it was with some disappointment that after being hooked in by a bit of PR for this pleasant enough track (of which more later), I discovered this:

Quite simply BEYOND the curve

Gutted that I didn’t manage to “watch” her in 2010, with her “vivid evocations of a life lived and loves lost, rather than callow youthful platitudes”, I thought I’d look to YouTube to validate my existence. OK, so Female First got there first, but that’s what they do. The clue’s in the name. I’m still cool.


It’s all good, Madeley likes her, nothing can possibly go wrong from here.

Also, apparently Jason Nevins has remixed this, and he’s so ahead of the curve he’s practically in 1997.

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS I’ve actually kind of fallen for this track a bit. It sounds a bit like an X Factor contestant at that critical stage where they have to bring forth the Snow Patrol cover version.

I’m not right.

Here’s a slightly poppier remix:

Crash and Burn (Bearcraft remix) by Emms_Publicity