Video: Hercules & Love Affair – My House

by MV

Saying so-and-so video is “80s flavoured” is getting really tiresome now, isn’t it?

(Reader: Yes, I got bored of that in about January 2008. Actually it feels like it’s been the 80s forever now. I’m not reading any further.)

Well, screw you reader. Hercules & Love Affair’s video is MORE than 80s flavoured. It’s cooked with 100% pure 80s ingredients: shonky VHS stylings, deliberately bad editing and AUTHENTICITY (MAN).

It’s also a nice showcase for a rather splendid track, featuring fan-turned-collaborator Shaun Wright soulfully stepping into Antony’s shoes. Their House actually sounds quite early-90s “flavoured” to me, sprinkled with some rather more modern glitches. No bad thing at all.