Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours

by MV

I was recently at the Belle & Sebastian-curated Bowlie 2 Weekender (yes I am secretly that twee). Aside from larking around in Butlins, I saw some bands. One who seemed to be remarkably central to the whole thing were loveable Swedish young-‘uns Those Dancing Days. Their 1am set on the Friday night – or what I can remember of it at least – was the most fun I had all weekend. Stuart Murdoch showed up for some guest vocals, and Linnea repaid the favour by showing up for a show-stealing turn on Lazy Line Painter Jane the next day.

Anyway, I raved about them back in 2008, and was amazed by how great a live band they were at the time. They’ve now got even better, and have the tightness and raw energy of a Northern Soul outfit.

Yesterday Spinner premiered “I’ll Be Yours”, a highlight of the ATP show that I most certainly CAN remember. Stepping their usual frantic energy down a notch, it floats along on a wave of 80s synths and reverby guitars before launching into an ecstatic chorus. I’d urge you to pop over there and have a listen. If the rest of their upcoming second album is half as good as this, it’ll be a classic round these parts at least. If not, the single’s already looking like a shoe-in for my 2011 end of year list…

While I’m at it, I must have missed the video for the rather excellently titled Fuckarias, back at the end of last year. Let’s remedy that:

But please do go listen to “I’ll Be Yours”, because it’s amazing. Ta.