Video: Niki & the Dove – Mother Protect (Line of Best Fit Session)

by MV

I love Niki & the Dove lots. In fact, enough to have named Under the Bridges as my favourite track of 2010. Mother Protect came out a few months after the triumphant Under the Bridges/DJ, Ease My Mind debut, and only further reinforced my love.

Up until now, video evidence has been largely confined to blurry clips that don’t feature the band. The excellent Line of Best Fit website have therefore performed a pretty great service to humanity by providing us with a proper high quality video to stare at. Nice work.

Don’t let the art gallery location and Malin Dahlström’s ‘kooky’ stylings put you off; this is really exceptional and beautiful pop music. Please investigate further.

Original tracks below for your further listening pleasure:

Niki And The Dove: Streaming tracks by Oohbrilliant