Friday Five: Foster the People, Treasure Fingers, Routines, Madison, The Get Up Kids

by MV

Naming a feature after a day is asking for trouble.

Anyway… the concept (oh what a concept) is as follows: here’s what else I’ve been listening to this week. Limited to five songs. Not otherwise limited to anything. This week they all happen to be tracks released in the last few weeks (or months), but there are NO RULES. Exciting hey?

Click below for the goodies…

Foster the People – Helena Beat

Foster The People – Helena Beat by 1FTP
LA lot behind the funky-indie shuffle of “Pumped Up Kicks”, last year. New track from upcoming EP of the same name. Pretty sweet, in a first-album MGMT sort of way. VERY radio friendly.

Treasure Fingers – Keep Up (Jackson remix)

Treasure Fingers – Keep Up (Jackson Remix) by meanjollies
Too tired at time of writing to describe this in much detail. You can dance to it. It has a phenomenal chorus. It should be in the charts somewhere. Been around a while, been hammering it. Love it.

Routines – Don’t Analyze

Don’t Analyze by Routines
Maybe a bit more polite than the Treasure Fingers track, but somehow seems to be cut from a similar cloth. Dutch duo. Pretty, dancey. Lovely stuff.

Madison – Lights Low

Lights Low by noiseofmadison
Has a bit of that rubbish-but-cute thing that Robyn does when she tries to rap. Obviously Madison (from “New York via Miami”) is no Robyn. But this is nice enough. Grab it for free over at the excellent Arjan Writes.

The Get Up Kids – Shatter Your Lungs

The Get Up Kids – Shatter Your Lungs by Pretty Much Amazing
Just listened to TGUK’s 1999 emo-pop-punk classic Something To Write Home About. Maybe not what this blog usually talks about, but that album could teach a few of your young upstarts a thing or two about writing TUNES. Anyway, they’re back after a long break and this suddenly sounds a bit more like it DOES fit round here. Squelchy noises, bleeps and beats (of sorts.) It’s hardly a revolution, but it sounds pretty good to me. You can snag it over at RCRDLBL somewhere. I have link fatigue.