Oh Land – White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)

by MV

Female fronted electro-pop. Yawn. Right? But this is more like it! Seriously brilliant stuff. I know I’m behind the curve (Oh Land was a hit at SXSW 2009, I’m told), but this is totally worth a listen. Nanna Øland Fabricius (see what she did there?) is a Danish former ballerina, now based in New York, with model good looks and a penchant for inventing her own instruments. Her sound is far more organic and less slavishly 80s than a lot of others in this genre. I guess there’s more in common with Lykke Li than anyone else, but with less of a dark side.

ANYWAY, a few days ago this wonderful remix surfaced, from fellow NYC resident Twin Shadow. Adds a bit more fizz to an already pretty exciting track

Oh Land – White Nights (Twin Shadow remix) by therecordcrate

This is also good:

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun by infinityyeah

And this is gorgeous:

Oh Land, ‘The Wolf And I’ by nmemagazine

And there’s also a video behind the cut – it’s fan-made and only features a preview of the original White Nights, but I thought it was worth sharing regardless.