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Video: Best Coast – Crazy For You

Omnipresent hipster indie band + LOLcats = oh dear.

Actually Crazy For You is pleasant enough, if hugely derivative, melodic indie. And there is at least one microLOL in the video.

Don’t these people realise that if you’re going to combine funny cats and guitar bands, you’re going to be measured against THIS CLASSIC???

Those crazy kids.

Video: Peter, Bjorn and John – Breaker, Breaker

Wow, the whistling guys livened up a bit! NB that is one for the Indie Kids to get angry at, if any are reading. I realise they’re not just the whistling guys.

Anyway, the whistling guys have a new song and it’s pretty lively and sometimes sounds a bit like Vampire Weekend (hmm) and sometimes a bit like early Ash (better). Warning: contains at least two beards, several guitars and little else.

Video: Zowie – Bite Back

There still seem to be quite a few retro-electropop ladies bubbling under at the moment. You can’t help thinking that the moment for this kind of thing may have passed. But there’s still the odd interesting thing out there. New Zealander Zowie follows up her pretty decent Broken Machine with a more straightforward Goldfrapp-esque number. It doesn’t quite pack the same punch of a tune as its predecessor, but it has at least got attitude.

Video: Skream & Example – Shot Yourself in the Foot Again

Another nice little slice of chart-bound popstep. Skream’s chunky vworps interact successfully with Example’s usual everyman routine. There’s probably already a backlash somewhere or other against dubstep sounds on pop records, but who cares. I spent several years listening to “interesting” and “innovative” dubstep, yawning, and waiting for someone to combine its sounds with an actual tune. So the more the merrier, if you ask me.

Video: Crystal Castles (ft. Robert Smith) – Not In Love

So there’s now a video for this, one of the better things that came out of the back end of 2010. A cover version of a pretty daft hair metal song, originally covered by a robot on Crystal Castles’ second eponymous album, before being made whole by the addition of Mr. Robert Smith.

The video, sadly, is terrible. Wishy-washy arty bollocks that makes my hungover eyes hurt more. Where’s my Alice Glass/Robert Smith ‘Dancing in the Street’ style love-in? Rubbish.

Video: Danny Byrd (ft. Netsky) – Tonight

Nice little collaboration between two DnB producers from opposite ends of Hospital Records’ lifespan (Byrd has been around practically since the start, Netsky burst onto the scene last year with stuff like the amazing Eyes Closed.)

Some great sounds on this one, and Netsky’s spaceship-about-to-take-off production is very much in evidence. Scattered across the track though are hints of Discovery-era Daft Punk. Most obviously in the vocals (especially the breakdown 2/3rds of the way through), but also the little flickers of synth-guitar throughout. Probably a bit Marmite to start with, but it sounds pretty massive to me.

Wonderfully mismatched (yet at the same time perfectly matched) Granny/Bingo-centric video too.

Video: Niki & the Dove – Mother Protect (Line of Best Fit Session)

I love Niki & the Dove lots. In fact, enough to have named Under the Bridges as my favourite track of 2010. Mother Protect came out a few months after the triumphant Under the Bridges/DJ, Ease My Mind debut, and only further reinforced my love.

Up until now, video evidence has been largely confined to blurry clips that don’t feature the band. The excellent Line of Best Fit website have therefore performed a pretty great service to humanity by providing us with a proper high quality video to stare at. Nice work.

Don’t let the art gallery location and Malin Dahlström’s ‘kooky’ stylings put you off; this is really exceptional and beautiful pop music. Please investigate further.

Original tracks below for your further listening pleasure:

Niki And The Dove: Streaming tracks by Oohbrilliant

Video: Mums of Death – Golden Axe

Reasons to press “play”:

1. AMAZING retro 8-bit gaming goes clubbing video. Honestly, the overhead shots remind me so much of playing games on the C64 when I was a kid that I kept expecting the screen to freeze and the tape deck to make terrifying buzzing noises.

2. MUMS OF DEATH (Mumdance + Drums of Death) is the way you do this “two dance producers into one name” thing. Take note “ROBORTOM.”

3. It’s “banging”.

Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours

I was recently at the Belle & Sebastian-curated Bowlie 2 Weekender (yes I am secretly that twee). Aside from larking around in Butlins, I saw some bands. One who seemed to be remarkably central to the whole thing were loveable Swedish young-‘uns Those Dancing Days. Their 1am set on the Friday night – or what I can remember of it at least – was the most fun I had all weekend. Stuart Murdoch showed up for some guest vocals, and Linnea repaid the favour by showing up for a show-stealing turn on Lazy Line Painter Jane the next day.

Anyway, I raved about them back in 2008, and was amazed by how great a live band they were at the time. They’ve now got even better, and have the tightness and raw energy of a Northern Soul outfit.

Yesterday Spinner premiered “I’ll Be Yours”, a highlight of the ATP show that I most certainly CAN remember. Stepping their usual frantic energy down a notch, it floats along on a wave of 80s synths and reverby guitars before launching into an ecstatic chorus. I’d urge you to pop over there and have a listen. If the rest of their upcoming second album is half as good as this, it’ll be a classic round these parts at least. If not, the single’s already looking like a shoe-in for my 2011 end of year list…

While I’m at it, I must have missed the video for the rather excellently titled Fuckarias, back at the end of last year. Let’s remedy that:

But please do go listen to “I’ll Be Yours”, because it’s amazing. Ta.

Star Slinger – May I Walk With You?

How did I miss this last year? I’m sure I’d have paid more attention if someone had told me it was based around a sample from The Leanover by Life Without Buildings. Otherwise known as one of the best things EVER. Anyway, it’s unsurprisingly pretty and now I have a mission to investigate Star Slinger some more. Will report back.