This is a UK-based blog about singles. I like a wide range of stuff, often quite pop in nature, though I have a soft spot for certain types of guitar band, indiepop, and various electro-type things.

It’s largely a video blog, but I may get around to posting MP3s as and when it’s relevant.

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Spotify, Spotify. Ongoing playlist for 2010 was here (many, many songs!) and the 2011 version will be kicked off in due course.

Top 50s:
2010 (#1 Niki & the Dove) [Spotify playlist]
2009 (#1 Lady Gaga) [Spotify playlist]
2008 (#1 Santogold) [Spotify playlist]
2007 (#1 Robyn/Kleerup) [Spotify playlist]
2006 (#1 Camera Obscura) [Spotify playlist]